Spay & Neuter Initiative

Spay & Neuter Initiative

Spay & Neuter Initiative

RESPONSIBLE PET CARE IS A LIFETIME COMMITMENT. Anyone who chooses to abandon unwanted litters is a MURDERER.


Anyone who chooses to abandon unwanted litters is a MURDERER.

Pawssion Project’s ultimate goal is to help build a better environment for our local strays. But we have always acknowledged that rescuing is just a band aid solution. So many dogs are being killed in pounds, so many discarded puppies, kittens and even adult dogs and cats, so many victims of animal cruelty, and overpopulation is one of the main reasons. There are almost 13 Million Strays in the Philippines (2019, PAWS) and animal welfare groups can only do so much.

This is why Pawssion Project firmly believes that KAPON (Neutering) is really the SOLUTION. With the support of various City Vet Partners, Vet Clinics, licensed volunteer Vets and volunteer Vet Students, we try to offer Free Spay and Neuter Campaigns or low-cost Kapon Services as much as we can. We’ve come to a realization that the demand for spay and neuter programs is increasing and we are more than happy to arrange and plan out these events on a regular basis.

But still, even if we offer it for free, expenses are still incurred. We rely on donations and sponsors to cover the neutering costs, and medicines and materials still need to be bought.

Why Spay & Neuter?

Spaying or neutering your dog is part of responsible canine care. Not only does it help with the overpopulation problem, saving lives of countless animals, but it also has many benefits for the dogs. Spaying or neutering your pup means fewer dogs being euthanized and also fewer unwanted animals roaming our streets.

An unneutered dog is more likely to display a number of problem behaviors in an effort to woo a mate. He’ll want to roam, which can mean digging his way out of the yard and running away from you. Marking is another important mating behavior — but not a very pleasant one for a human pack leader’s home. And unneutered dogs are also more likely to display aggressive behaviors, thus the need for the neuter operation soon.

BE PART OF THE SOLUTION. Help save lives by sponsoring the neuter cost of a rescue!

  • NEUTER ONLY: P1000 ($20 / €20)
  • NEUTER & VACCINATIONS: P1600 ($35 / €35)

Let us all strive to give our pets longer and healthier lives, through spay and neuter operations! Let us all contribute to lessening unwanted litters, and therefore help with the overpopulation of strays.

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